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So far Spring Mileage Club is moving right along! Thanks to a few warm days Mileage Club is off to a great start. As of March 8th, Meiklejohn has run a total of 1,810 miles!!! This is huge!! A big high five goes out to every kid who has been running with Mileage Club this Spring. Way to go Meiklejohn!

Wondering who is leading the “pack” … as of March 8th
Garin Smith (3rd Grade) 
Brogan McCleary (6th Grade)
have each completed 45 miles (based on finished cards)

Way to go boys! Keep up all the hard work!

Don’t forget Mileage Club is held every Monday and Thursday during lunch recess (weather permitting) and everybody who participates is a winner!! Just get outside, get moving and earn some charms!

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