Carnival Survival Guide

Some Details on the Carnival

Many families ask us about the Unlimited Access Wrist bands or how many tickets an average family should buy so we wanted to let you know how it all works.

Two Options for Tickets This Year!

This year we are continuing the Unlimited Access Wrist Bands that will serve as your ticket for an entire night of fun at the carnival. The Unlimited Access Wrist Bands are only $25 and get you unlimited access to all activities, games and events! This is a great deal for those students who want to get the most out of the carnival! We are also still offering Paper Tickets if you would prefer to carry tickets with you the night of the carnival. Paper Tickets are $.25 each and are sold in packs of 20 for $5. Remember as well that our Pride Level ($250 level) PTA Members receive 2 complimentary Unlimited Access Wrist Bands as well (still need to join? Click here)

Ticket Information

Game/event prices range from around 3 tickets to 20 tickets depending on the complexity of the attraction. Our simple carnival game (ring toss, shoot a basket, knock down bottles, etc) are usually around 3 to 5 tickets. The more advanced attractions like Laser Tag Arena, Wipeout, Obstacle Course, Dunk tank, Crazy Hair Coloring, etc. will cost between 8 and 20 tickets.

It is safe to assume that a family with multiple kids (especially older kids) can easily go through upwards of 100 to 200 tickets in the evening.

Food Information

Food is another question that comes up frequently with our new carnival families. This year we are continuing the tradition of mouth watering food trucks! No more hot dogs and brats, now you can eat amazing dishes from around the world served with creativity and charm. We will have quite a few food trucks this year to feed even the pickiest palates. Food will be paid for in cash and credit cards, carnival tickets do not apply for any food purchases. EVERY TRUCK WILL BE DONATING 10% OF THEIR SALES BACK TO THE PTA, so bring your friends and family that do not go to Meiklejohn and have them enjoy the festivities.