Teacher Sweepstakes


March 20-24, 2017

Would your child like to spend more time with their fabulous teachers & staff? If so, teacher sweepstakes is perfect for them. Teachers and staff have come together to offer exciting activities that they share with teacher sweepstakes winners. It is simple: you buy tickets, mark with child’s first and last name, bring back to school March 20-24 and at lunch your child puts in the bag of the teacher they want to go with and then LUCK from there.

The Meiklejohn PTA Teacher Sweepstakes in conjunction with the Silent Auction is the school’s biggest fundraiser. This year funds are being raised to purchase science resource kits and assist with maintaining our educational programs. Please help in our efforts by purchasing teacher sweepstakes tickets.

Tickets are $1 and can be purchased at https://myschoolanywhere.com/cart-new.a5w?cart=MeiklejohnElementary90542 or by putting cash or check in an enveloipe with child’s name and teacher and dropping in the office.

Please note that tickets are on sale until 5pm on March 22nd. Tickets will go home in Thursday folders on March 16th. The winners will be drawn after lunch on march 24 by Mrs. Sirko and winners will be announced over the loud speaker.

Volunteers are needed for lunch March 20-24. Please volunteer at http://www.SignUpGenius.com/go/8050844ABA72BA13-teacher

Please see below for the complete list of Teacher Blurbs



Join us for a fun walk to Jacks on Thursday, April 13th.

Each teacher will treat 3 winners to the ice cream of their choice!

1st Grade: Art & Appetizers

Join the 1st Grade teachers for Art and Appetizers on Thursday, April 27th from 2:45 until 4:00! Winners can choose a friend to bring along. We will be painting a picture of your choice and enjoying yummy appetizers.

Second Grade: Blizzards & Beach Party at Beeman Park

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Have you ever wanted to build a monster ice cream sundae but your parents won’t allow it? Well the second grade teachers will! Join us for a Blizzards and Beach Party at Beeman Park. We will have fun eating ice cream and playing beach games. Two winners from each class will be chosen and allowed to bring a friend. We hope to see you there on May 11th.

3rd Grade & Mrs. Sale: Adventure Awaits at Camp Salzer

Join your favorite third grade teachers on an excursion to the foothills, seemingly a world away, but only 20 minutes from Meiklejohn.  We will start with a winding drive up Coal Creek Canyon to the exclusive hideout in the woods.  At Camp Salzer, your adventure begins with a short hike to view science in action, namely erosion and decomposition.  Educational and fun, and with any luck the rare mountain cactus will be in bloom!  You might also spot the beautiful ruby-throated hummingbirds as they swoop past your head!  After that, the real excitement begins as you play in the tree house, float on the tire swing, zoom on the zip line, and run around the forest.  You are sure to build up some hunger, so enjoy the view while savoring a gourmet meal of hot dogs, chips, and lemonade, topped off with a scrumptious dessert.  Worn out and satisfied, you will smile away the drive as your teachers chauffeur you back to Meiklejohn.  What an incredible afternoon! Wednesday, May 3 (bad weather make up day of May 10.  We are offering this opportunity to 12 students  – 2 winners from each teacher will be drawn.  May 3rd with May 10th as bad weather make up date.

4th Grade: Bet You Can’t Beat the Teacher!

Just because you win the sweepstakes doesn’t mean you’ll win the games1 Join the fourth grade teachers after school on May 1st for an afternoon of games and snacks in the classrooms. We will pick 2 tickets per teacher, and each winner can bring a friend. We will have many games to choose from and snacks to keep your hunger at bay. Ready to go head to head against your teacher? Buy your tickets today. April 24th.


5th Grade: Fire Station Tour & Pie

Come and join the 5th grade teachers for a fiery good time! 2 students per teacher will be taken to a nearby Westminster Fire station. Once there, kids will get a tour of the station from a fire fighter. You’ll get to see the trucks, the bays, the living quarters and more. Next, you will get to spray water from a fire hose! Last, you can enjoy the fire fighters’ favorite dessert: PIE! 5th grade teachers will take the winners on the 10 minute drive from Meiklejohn to the fire station and parents will pick up there.

6th Grade

What would be more fun than eating ice cream and chatting with the 6th grade teachers and Mrs. Henderson? Nothing, that’s what! Buy a ticket to win a trip to Coldstone Creamery for any treat that you want on Tuesday, April 18th right after school! Mr.Goyden is going to dance for you, Mrs. Galka will sing, Mrs. Capra will do cartwheels, and Mrs. Creach will play the drums! You don’t want to miss this! Buy your chance to win now!  2 tickets from each teacher will be drawn.

Art: Mrs. Allen

Do you enjoy art? Do you enjoy Mrs. Allen? Do you enjoy art with Mrs. Allen? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this auction item is for you.  You and a friend will join Mrs. Allen for Special Art Time. We can work with clay, glass, wire, pastels…the choice is yours.

Mrs. Callejas, Mrs. Dute, Ms. Kreiger, Dr. Manndzi, Ms. O’Leary : Pizza & Games

Who loves a pizza party? EVERYONE DOES! You are invited to join us for games and pizza with a friend of your choice. We’ll choose 3 winners that will get to come to our pizza party on April 22 from 2:45-3:45. Don’t miss out!

Mrs. Brandt & Mrs. Kulhmann : Picnic Lunch

Come enjoy a picnic lunch. One winner can pick the restaurant of his/her choice and bring along a friend.

Music: Mrs. Talley

You and a friend can meet Mrs. Talley at Bliss Frozen Yogurt after school for some refreshing yogurt.

PE: Mrs. Mummert

One student will be picked to be “A PE Teacher for a Class.” The student can pick any grade level as well as the activity or game for the day!! Mrs. Mummert will even give you a whistle to keep!!

Mrs. Cornejo & Mrs. Sirko

Limo Lunch

Join Mrs. Sirko & Mrs. Cornejo for lunch on May 1st. We will take a limo to the Garlic Knot for lunch to enjoy some delicious pizza, garlic knots and cinnamon knots. On our drive to and from school we will have a rockin’ dance party and maybe even a dance off.  One winner who will be able to invite a friend.

PLEASE COPY AND PASTE THE LINKS IF THEY DO NOT WORK!!!  Please mark on a note with your child’s tickets if you have a specific teacher they must pick as children are permitted to choose any teacher above.

Questions: meiklejohnpta@gmail.com

Thanks for your support!!!