Each year Meiklejohn PTA donates money to the school which is specifically marked for items or projects at the school.  Over the past several years, this donation has purchased enough Chromebooks for a 2:1 ratio, the traverse wall in the gym, student iPads and covers, the jewelry kiln in the art room, digital cameras for every teacher, computer support, Extra Paraprofessional Time, Doc. Cameras and Arms, Guided Reading materials, furniture for the new combined art/music room and much, much more!  Without the support of Family Memberships, our school would not have these items.

Additionally, the PTA supports staff appreciation events, mileage club, the carnival, enrichment programs, the science fair, room parents, 6th grade continuation, the garden club and the talent show.

When you belong to the Meiklejohn PTA, you are able to receive information by email about all of the above and more if you choose as well as be a member of the Colorado PTA which offers their own member benefits!  Your membership donation allows us to raise money for these very important programs and activities.  Become a member to get information on exciting school programs and also volunteer some of your time and help out as you can with school events and programs!

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