Student Programs

The Meiklejohn Elementary School PTA is an extremely active and involved group of parents. Whether you join the PTA, donate to the PTA, participate in PTA events, or volunteer for the PTA, you are helping contribute to the many programs, gifts and opportunities that the PTA provides to the Meiklejohn Students and Faculty.

Below you will find information about many of the programs that the PTA sponsors and plans. Thanks for your involvement in the Meiklejohn PTA!

Additional PTA Programs

In addition to the activities, gifts and events that are major or very public, the PTA also assists with quite a few more programs and services. Below you will find a selection of our enhanced offerings.

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Enrichment Program

Meiklejohn’s After School Enrichment Program centers around the continuing pursuit of excellence in our school.  This program works to provide quality academic, physical, and social enrichment activities to Meiklejohn students to enhance their preparation for a successful future. After School Enrichment is one of the many ways that the Meiklejohn PTA supports our school and community. …

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Garden Club

The Garden Club begins in the spring with classroom planting and by May there is a full garden in the school playground. Students tend to the garden during lunch period and families volunteer to oversee the crops during the summer months.

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Mileage Club

This is a year long, weather permitting, opportunity. Volunteers monitor the Running Club during lunch recess 2-3 times per week. Each session is approx. 1 .5 hours. Volunteers are responsible for setting up field cones and punching lap cards for students. Sign up for a monthly spot or a weekly spot. Interested in Volunteering? Contact View the latest news …

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PTA Events & Assemblies

In addition to all of the other giving and program that they PTA offers, the PTA also tries to host a large event or assembly every year for the students. This has ranged from visiting authors & artists to exciting science demonstrations to adventure parks right at school. Below is a highlight of some of …

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Reflections Art Contest

This fall program offers students an opportunity to create art around a specified theme. The theme for 2017/2018 is “Within Reach and get creative” These pieces must be submitted by December 15, 2017 and will be judged at a school level and then potentially at a district and state level. Volunteers are needed to help with …

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Science Fair

Let your inner scientist out this Spring with the PTA Science Fair

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