Teacher Drawing Details

Teacher drawing tickets are only available online this year!  Teacher drawing tickets will go home with your student in Thursday folders April 2nd and April 9th.  Students will bring the tickets back to school April 6th – 10th and put them in the selected teacher container(s) during lunch.  Principal Sirko will do the drawing April 13th and will announce the winners over the intercom.  Teacher drawing tickets are $1 each and students can put them in any teacher(s) they choose!

Look at all the wonderful things our generous teachers have planned!

Join us for a fun walk to Jacks on Friday, April 17.  Each teacher will treat 3 winners to the ice cream of their choice.

1st Grade Wii Party
Would you like to play Wii with other first graders on the giant library Smart Board? First grade is offering an opportunity for you and a friend of your choice to come play Wii games with other first graders.   Enjoy an afternoon of fun with first grade friends, eat snacks and play fun Wii games on the BIG screen.   We are offering this opportunity to four first graders – 1 from each teacher will be drawn.  Our Wii Party will be on April 27th from 2:45-4:00.  Families we will get your child to the Wii Party and you will pick your child up at 4:00

Second Grade
The second grade teachers would like to each have two students each join them for frozen yogurt at Smart Cow. This will be a fun afternoon of laughs with good friends. We can’t wait to help you spoil your dinner on the afternoon of April 21st.

3rd Grade & Mrs. Sale: Adventure Awaits at Camp Salzer
Join your favorite third grade teachers on an excursion to the foothills, seemingly a world away, but only 20 minutes from Meiklejohn.  We will start with a winding drive up Coal Creek Canyon to the exclusive hideout in the woods.  At Camp Salzer, your adventure begins with a short hike to view science in action, namely erosion and decomposition.  Educational and fun, and with any luck the rare mountain cactus will be in bloom!  You might also spot the beautiful ruby-throated hummingbirds as they swoop past your head!  After that, the real excitement begins as you play in the tree house, float on the tire swing, zoom on the zip line, and run around the forest.  You are sure to build up some hunger, so enjoy the view while savoring a gourmet meal of hot dogs, chips, and lemonade, topped off with a scrumptious dessert.  Worn out and satisfied, you will smile away the drive as your teachers chauffeur you back to Meiklejohn.  What an incredible afternoon! Thursday, May 14.  We are offering this opportunity to four third graders – 1 from each teacher will be drawn.

4th Grade
Bowling Show-Down with the Fourth Grade Teachers (Mrs. Albright, Mrs. Brandt, Ms. Eissenberg, and Mrs. Kuhlmann)
Have you ever wanted to beat a teacher? Now may be your chance (or so you think)! The fourth-grade team is treating 4 students plus 1 friend each to an afternoon of bowling. Bring your smile and competitive spirit to the Bowling Show-Down! This Show-Down will take place on April 22nd at 3:00pm.  1 ticket from each teacher will be drawn.

5th Grade
Board/Card Games and Snacks at Jack’s with your 5th grade teachers
We would love to take 2 students each to Jack’s for some snacks while playing a board or card game.  On April 21st we will walk to Jack’s and order some delicious appetizers and drinks.  While we are enjoying an after school snack, we will play a card game or board game of your choice.

6th Grade & Mrs. Henderson
What would be more fun than eating ice cream and chatting with the 6th grade teachers and Mrs. Henderson? Nothing, that’s what! Buy a ticket to win a trip to Coldstone Creamery for any treat that you want on Tuesday, April 21st right after school! Mrs. Watson is going to dance for you, Mrs. Galka will sing, Mrs. Capra will do cartwheels, and Mrs. Henderson will play the drums! You don’t want to miss this! Buy your chance to win now!  1 ticket from each teacher will be drawn.

Art: Mrs. Allen
Do you enjoy art? Do you enjoy Mrs. Allen? Do you enjoy art with Mrs. Allen? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this auction item is for you.  Come enjoy an afternoon of art and creativity with Mrs. Allen!  (5 students will be chosen)

Anna Krieger
Movie and a Popcorn Party
Enjoy a video (parent approved) with 2 friends.  We will have plenty of popcorn and a few more treats after school on April 22nd.

Music: Mrs. Talley
You and a friend can meet Mrs. Talley at Bliss Frozen Yogurt after school on Friday, May 1st!

PE: Mrs. Mummert
One student will be picked to be “A PE Teacher for a Class.” The student can pick any grade level as well as the activity or game for the day!! Mrs. Mummert will even give you a whistle to keep!!

Mrs. Cornejo & Mrs. Sirko
Lunch on the Roof
Ever wonder what the roof of our school looks like?  We are treating 2 students each to Chick-fil-A on the roof of the school!  Enjoy the great views of the mountains as well as watch the kids playing on the playground while you’re on the munching on lunch.   With any luck we will enjoy some fun tunes and maybe even a dance party!  This lunch will take place on April 17th.